Month: April 2010

Worker process termination warning for a recycle (IIS 6)

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When doing a recycle (scheduled or not) of an application pool it’s possible your System event log shows the following warning: “A process serving application pool ‘APPLICATION_POOL_NAME’ exceeded time limits during shut down. The process id was ‘PID’.” (Source: W3SVC; Category: None; Event ID: 1013), with APPLICATION_POOL_NAME the name of the application pool and PID the Process ID (PID) of the application pool’s worker process. Read the rest of this entry »


No user profile for IIS 6 application pool user…

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When a user has logged in, its user profile is loaded (whether it’s a local or roaming profile) and used locally. This implies the user has its own registry key under HKEY_USERS and its own subfolder under the “Documents and Settings” folder.

One day there is a problem with a .NET web application published in IIS 6. The application runs in its own application pool, so with its own worker process (w3wp.exe). Some user account is used as the application pool identity. The problem is some user-specific setting should have been retrieved from the registry, but the application doesn’t seem to do this. So let’s have a look at this setting: it’s stored under HKEY_USERS\SID (with SID being the SID of the application pool user). Read the rest of this entry »