RSoP and gpresult result in an access denied error

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If you try to run Resultant Set of Policy (RSoP) or gpresult and receives an access denied error, then don’t panic. If you get results for the user part, this means RSoP and gpresult seem to work correctly and you’re probably not an administrator, what explains why you don’t get machine results. If you don’t get any result though, this has probably nothing to do with permissions and then there is a chance this issue is caused by a DLL that’s not registered correctly (anymore) and/or a badly compiled MOF file (meaning RSoP and gpresult don’t work the way they should). First of all, here is a screenshot of the error in RSoP on a WS03 machine for the latter case (corrupt RSoP/gpresult):

If the cause is the forementioned then the following command line procedure should fix it:
* cd /d %windir%\system32 (or just “cd %windir%\system32” if you don’t have to change the active station)
*regsvr32 /n /I userenv.dll
* cd wbem
* mofcomp scersop.mof
* gpupdate /force

regsvr32 register the user environment DLL (userenv.dll) en mofcomp compiles the MOF file scersop.mof.

I would like to stress the fact that it’s always better to first check if you’re an administrator and only if this is the case to perform this command sequence.



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