Month: May 2013

Windows versions

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As you all know, many versions and editions of Windows were developed and released over time. After a while it could be useful to have a list by hand that can give you a quick overview of those versions and editions. Below you find a table that lists every main Windows version. With “main” I don’t mean the most important versions; what I do mean, is I only list the distinct versions at “the highest versioning level”, but no sub-versions (versions that fall under the main version). For example, Windows 7 is listed, but I won’t talk about Windows 7 SP1 or some small update for Windows 7. Later on though I’ll mention one “smaller” update anyway, because it’s quite special, in the sense that it’s almost considered to be a main version, although officially it isn’t. Note I’m only dealing with “normal/classic” client and server flavors here, so I’m not talking about Windows Mobile, Windows Phone, Windows Embedded, etc. Read the rest of this entry »