Custom Outlook toolbar’s location

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 Default Outlook toolbars save their location in the Outlook configuration file outcmd.dat, part of the roaming profile (in %APPDATA%\Microsoft\Outlook to be precise). This data is remembered when Outlook restarts, even after logging off and on again.

Non-default (custom) Outlook toolbars however are “temporary” in nature (in the sense of they’re not part of Outlook itself and are considered to be initialized/loaded separately each time Outlook loads). Those toolbars don’t save their location data in outcmd.dat, but have to provide their own mechanism. Microsoft offers a default way for such a mechanism, i.e. through a configuration file called user.config in the local part of a user profile (more precisely in %LOCALAPPDATA%\[company]\[application]\[version]). This means custom Outlook toolbar location changes can be saved and reused (even after logging off and on again) if the toolbar is programmed to do so and if so, it can be done through this default mechanism Microsoft provides. Read the rest of this entry »