Error 0x80072F8F in WU/MU

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Everyone has experienced issues with Windows updates not being installed smoothly. There are so many possible causes I’m not going to give some kind of overview (someone who is able to do this must be really crazy). There is one particular scenario though I would like to share with you: the default automatic Windows update mechanism fails to even check which updates are available to download and even consulting the Windows Update or Microsoft Update site manually just fails: error 0x80072F8F is the result.

Normally updates should be installed in a controlled way, following some update policy. Most of the time this means updating happens in an automatic way, but preferably including a test phase before rolling out to production. For a certain reason some of my systems have to be updated manually though. I’m not going to explain you why, because it doesn’t matter here, but I can stress the fact that’s a temporary situation. On most systems this goes very smoothly: surfing to the MU site, checking for updates, downloading and installing them normally doesn’t imply problems. On two of my servers, both of them running ISA Server 2006, all this fails: error 0x80072F8F appears very early, I haven’t seen the available updates yet! Read the rest of this entry »


System doesn’t become a member of a WSUS group

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Possibly you have some computer systems you don’t get into one of your WSUS groups, not even in the default “Unassigned Computers” group. Ofcourse you have checked if the Windows Update Agent (WUA) refers to the right WSUS server and yes, the Automatic Updates service is up and running. You have run the following commands:
wuauclt.exe /detectnow
wuauclt.exe /update
and perhaps many, many others. Read the rest of this entry »